Everyone has experienced a headache at one time in their lives or another. While headaches can be painful, they are not as debilitating as migraines can be. Migraines are more than just a pain in the head but have accompanying symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to smells and so on. These symptoms can last anywhere from an hour to a couple of days. Using the essential oils for migraines can offer you the relief you need.

It is, therefore, a relief to know that you can alleviate migraine pain and discomfort with the use of essential oils for migraines. There are several essential oils for migraines out there, but not all of them can help to relieve the symptoms of a migraine. We carried out a review of the top 10 essential oils for migraines to help you make an informed choice as you shop around for the best oils for migraines. If you suffer from migraines, the information in this article is critical in helping you identify which essential oils for migraines you should consider using.

Essential Oils for Migraines FAQs

There is a lot of information out there about the use of essential oils for migraines, and it may all sound so confusing. We, therefore, took out time to analyze the most frequently asked questions about essential oils for migraines to help you understand them more. Here are some of these questions which we researched on and found the answers for.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is defined as a debilitating headache whose symptoms include tightening of the neck muscles and intense throbbing pain in the entire head. Some migraine sufferers will also have a smell, sound and light sensitivity, as well as tingling and numbing in their extremities. A migraine can last anywhere from 4 hours to 72 hours.

What Do the Essential Oils for Migraines Do?

It may sound like a paradox to use essential oils for migraines given that some people suffer from smell sensitivities when they have migraines. However, you will be amazed by how essential oils for migraines work wonders. The main way essential oils for migraines work is by increasing circulation, for muscle relaxation, to relieve stress and to ease the pain.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

There are various ways to use essential oils for migraines. They can be used topically which is by applying directly onto the skin, or aromatically which is by diffusing them into the air using a diffuser to be inhaled. Another popular way to use these essential oils for migraines is by mixing them in with your bath water for the same results.

Where Can You Buy Essential Oils for Migraines?

Essential oils are available virtually in any kind of store near you. These essential oils for migraines can also be found in drug stores as well as in online stores and stores that are mainly focused on aromatherapy and items for a holistic living. You can also buy essential oils for migraines in online stores such as Amazon.

Do all Essential Oils Offer Relief for Migraines?

There are specific essential oils for migraines which offer great results in relieving the symptoms, pain, and discomfort associated with migraines. It is also important to note that different people will prefer certain essential oils for migraines over others either based on the smell or availability.

How We Reviewed

We looked at the most popular essential oils for migraines based on how often they are used for migraines. We also looked at the features of these essential oils for migraines and what they offer you in comparison to what other essential oils for migraines would offer. The other thing we also looked at was the availability of these essential oils and their effectiveness in easing migraine symptoms. Based on this criterion, we believe that the list below gives you a clear picture of the top 10 essential oil for migraines that you can buy.

What We Reviewed

This is the list of essential oils for migraines that we reviewed.

  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Sweet Basil
  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Clary Sage
  • Ginger


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Peppermint oil is known for its powerful cooling effect. It also inhibits contractions of the muscles which can cause headaches as well as stimulate blood flow. When you apply this oil to areas such as your temples or the back area of your neck, this oil helps to reduce sinus and tension headaches as well as migraine pain. Research has proven that peppermint oil is very effective as an essential oil for migraines, as compared to pain medication such as paracetamol.


  • It can be ingested
  • It’s quick acting
  • It has a refreshing smell
  • It helps with staying alert and aware
  • It has no adverse effects on the users


  • It has a sharp smell which some people find overpowering.


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Rosemary Oil is known for its benefits as an essential oil for migraines all over the world. This is one of the essential oils for migraines known for its analgesic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also calming and soothing which is exactly what a migraine needs. Rosemary oil is also great for relieving stress which is a known trigger for migraines.

Unlike most essential oils for migraines, Rosemary oil is also used to treat nausea, muscle aches, insomnia, and fever, all of which are symptoms of a migraine. It is easily mixed with other essential oils to ease headaches and migraine pain.


  • It is easily mixed with other essential oils
  • It treats most of the symptoms associated with migraines
  • It can be ingested and treats stomach issues


  • You must dilute it first before using to prevent over-ingestion


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This essential oil for migraines is often used because of its anxiety and stress-relieving properties. It is also known to alleviate tension in the muscles and to improve sleep since it has sedative properties. Lavender oil is a great essential oil for migraines because it is a mood booster despite the stresses of the day. Research shows that when you inhale the vapors from lavender oil, they are effective in the management of migraine headaches. This research also proves that lavender oil works quickly and effectively to alleviate the symptoms and pain associated with migraine headaches.


  • Scientifically proven to work in the treatment of migraines
  • It is a mood enhancer and booster
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • It helps in improving sleep


  • It can be used unsafely if you are not careful.
  • It induces drowsiness


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Eucalyptus oil is known for its effectiveness in alleviating headaches occasioned by flu and sinusitis. The main function of eucalyptus oil is working as an expectorant. This means that this essential oil can open your airways by eliminating microorganism and fluid that cause pressure on your sinuses. This essential oil is also anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial which makes it your best bet for headache pain and tension caused by respiratory conditions.


  • It alleviates symptoms of pain and tension in the head
  • It has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • It is a fast-acting


  • This oil works best for headache pain and tension caused by respiratory conditions and not necessarily migraines.

Roman Chamomile

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Chamomile has been used over the years as a relaxation tool because of its mild sedating properties. Most people consume it as a tea but is also available as an essential oil. It is an effective tool when it comes to stress headaches due to its ability to offer relaxation. This essential oil is also great as it offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-stress properties.

It is used to reduce pain significantly due to its analgesic properties. By constricting blood vessels found around the cranial nerves, which in turn relieves pressure build-up in the head, Roman Chamomile relieves pain in this way. It is, therefore, safe to say that Roman Chamomile as an essential oil for migranes is effective against pain, anxiety and sleep disorders such as insomnia. This essential oil works wells to improve the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety levels.


  • It reduces tension headaches
  • It is used to treat insomnia
  • It has relaxation properties
  • It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-stress properties, all of which are great for migraine treatment.


  • It is milder than some migraine sufferers may need

Sweet Basil

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Sweet Basil oil is known to alleviate the pain of an aching head such as a migraine or strained muscles. You can also use this essential oil is to increase alertness when you rub it on your forehead. This essential oil can also be used as a massage oil to help in the stimulation of blood flow to muscles which in turn helps to relieve any aches. As a tonic, you can use sweet basil to help in the treatment of nervous disorders as well as allergies.

For relaxation purposes, this essential oil can be used when you have a migraine by applying it topically. You can also apply it topically to promote mental strength and clarity.


  • It is easy to make at home
  • It can be used to alleviate the symptoms of a migraine
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties


  • It is not proven to help get rid of symptoms of a migraine entirely.


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Frankincense oil has great anti-inflammatory properties, something for which it is widely known for. This essential oil also has tranquilizing and analgesic properties both of which are key to relieving tension headaches and migraines which are brought on by stress and anxiety. When used topically, frankincense oil is commonly used to alleviate pain caused by inflammation. It also has a great aroma which makes it a perfect choice for aromatherapy for migraines.


  • It has a great aroma
  • It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is effective in alleviating the symptoms of a migraine headache
  • You only need a small amount at a time
  • It is versatile; it can be used both topically and in a diffuser


  • It is not scientifically proven to ease a migraine completely


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Sandalwood oil is a great essential oil for migraines due to its ability to improve mental clarity. It has been used for centuries. Therefore, its potency is proven. The most important aspect of this essential oil is its ability to promote relaxation without necessarily inducing drowsiness. This is a great feature which is important if you want to remain mentally alert even as you try to ease your migraine symptoms.


  • It has been used for centuries
  • It does not induce drowsiness
  • It works in a short time
  • It promotes mental alertness


  • It may not work for insomnia induced by migraines

Clary Sage

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  • Clary Sage is best known for reducing emotional stress, depression and pre-menstrual tension.


This essential oil is best known for its ability to ease migraines brought on by hormonal imbalances during the female cycle. It also helps to bring about relaxation and combats feelings of stress and anxiety. It has also been known to soothe depression and produces a euphoric feeling when you use it.


  • It counteracts depression and anxiety
  • It takes care of pain caused by hormonal headaches


  • It may cause slight hallucinations


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This household staple can also be used as an essential oil for migraines once the oil is extracted. Ginger is widely known to combat nausea and vomiting, a common symptom of migraine headaches. This essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and is an expectorant too. This oil also has a large number of anti-oxidants which help to prevent cell damage.


  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It combats nausea and vomiting


  • It cannot be used alone to treat migraine headaches

Final Thoughts

Having covered all these ten essential oils for migraines, we noted that while you cannot use essential oils to heal migraines; they are useful for staving off the symptoms of a migraine. Based on its versatility and a wide range of properties useful for migraine treatment, we settled on peppermint oil to be the best in the list of essential oils for migraines. This is because this essential oil has both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, and the ability to improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

It also has a gentle aroma and can be used both topically and in aromatherapy. Peppermint oil as an essential oil for migraines also has a longer-lasting effect while being more fast-acting than all the essential oils for migraines we reviewed.

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