Essential oils have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so and Edens Garden has become a trusted retailer for them. People use essential oils for a wide range of problems. For example, clove oil can help with a toothache. Peppermint oil may help you if you have persistent nausea. Lavender oils can help you relax after a long, stressful day. They are pretty fantastic.

However, although they are great, you do not want to buy these oils, and the products made from them, just anywhere. You have to find a trusted retailer like Edens Garden so that you know that you are getting what you think you are getting!

Edens Garden Essential Oil: Pros & Cons


  • high quality brand
  • pure essential oils
  • excellent customer service


  • some users complained that it's not as strong as they expect

Edens Garden Essential Oil

 Edens Garden features a Highest quality and affordable prices, we do not sell wholesale or to stores

What Edens Garden Offers

Edens Garden sells essential oils and various essential oil accessories. They also sell many accessories including salt soaks, body oils, perfumes, diffusers, and travel cases. At first glance, one of the top aspects of Edens Garden is their commitment to customer satisfaction and their brand’s reputation. On their website, Grace Martin, the CEO of the company, described her endeavors of starting her business. She said her dream was to start a business that “valued people over profit.”

 Edens Garden features a Highest quality and affordable prices, we do not sell wholesale or to stores

At first, I was skeptical when reading her words. Every company wants to give off the impression the customer comes first. On the other hand, the moment I looked at their products on Amazon, I realized she meant what she said. I sifted through at least 50 different products made by Edens Garden, and low and behold, every product was rated at least 4/5 stars. Often leaning towards 4.5 to 5 stars!

What Are Essential Oils?

If you’re unfamiliar with essential oils, basically they’re very concentrated oils that are naturally extracted by plants. These oils often have unique and pleasing scents. You can then add these scents to lotions or use them in a diffuser, which is like a humidifier filled with diluted essential oils. It will fill your room with the sophisticated and often relaxing scent of these oils.

According to the LA Times, some oils even have proven health effects. For example, they say that studies have proven clove oil acts as a numbing agent, and menthol in peppermint oil can stop a stubborn cough. Essential oils aren’t regulated by the FDA however, so be wary of health claims made by companies about their oils, as they aren’t all backed by evidence.

The Oils of Edens Garden

Edens Garden takes the natural aspect of essential oils seriously. They don’t add additives to their oils. That ensures you are getting 100 percent natural essential oils. Edens Garden has three forms of essential oils you can choose from. These include single oils, synergy blends, and OK For Kids oils.

Single oils

There is an incredible variety of single oils to choose from at Edens Garden. Their amount of options is astonishing and will be sure to have something in the store that you’ll enjoy. You can find oils ranging from the sweet aroma of chamomile to the spicy and complex scent of the angelica root.

Synergy blends

Their synergy blends are made up of an assortment of oils created for specific properties. For example, their Age Defy blend claims to reduce inflammation and promote smoother skin. The Good Morning blend is designed to bring you some pep in your step. Made with oils including those from peppermint, yuzu, and lime, the blend is made to get you up and energized.

OK For Kids

This collection of essential oils is safe and have aromatherapeutic benefits. Oils such as Head-A-Sore-Us and Sleepy Head are made to help bring the healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy to kids.

Carriers and roll-ons

Along with essential oils, you can buy carrier oils from Edens Garden. Carriers allow you to dilute essential oils for topical treatment. Roll-Ons are an accessible form of essential oils, synergy blends, and OK For Kids oils. They’re perfect if you’re looking to try out the properties of essential oils as a moisturizer, perfume, or home remedy! They come pre-diluted in a travel-friendly container for quick and easy application.

Various accessory items

For someone who wants a more accessible form of essential oils, there’s the option of buying essential oil-infused products. These include perfumes, salt soaks, body oils, bar soaps, and jewelry! Made up of 20 percent essential oils Edens Garden’s fragrances last up to 12 hours. They bring you the complex and natural aroma of essential oils in a wearable form.

Take a rejuvenating bath with the salt soaks found at Edens Garden. Find salt soaks designed to promote sleep, relieve aches and pains, or free up congested airways. These salt soaks come with a mixture of essential oils specifically tailored to bring you a unique set of aromatherapy.

Find the perfect body oil to leave your skin feeling moisturized, soft, and smelling wonderful. Some of these oils, like the Lavender Magnolia Body Oil, even have vitamins and fatty acids to rejuvenate and protect your skin. With scents of Earth & Wood and Lemongrass, you’re sure to find natural renewal when using these soaps. Not only do you get the beautiful aromas, but soaps such as Lemongrass Natural Bar Soap come with extracts which they claim help heal skin, fight bacteria, and rid acne. With no synthetic chemicals, these soaps provide a more gentle way to care for your skin.

You can find bracelets and necklaces at Edens Garden that work with essential oils. The bracelets have lava stones on them that keep the aroma of the oils for up to three days! It’s a perfect way to enjoy the scent of essential oils while on the go. If you’re looking to fill a room with the fragrance of essential oils, Edens Garden also sells diffusers. Edens Garden sells simple reed diffusers all the way up to plug-in ultrasonic diffusers. If you want to bring subtle, natural, and earthy scents to your living space, this is the way to do it!

General Price Range of Their Products

Their single oils go for $7 and $200 depending on the size and type of oil. The synergy blends cost between $7 and $27, again depending on the type and size. Carrier oils all come in a 4oz glass bottle and cost between $9 and $20. Roll-ons cost between $9 and $27.

You can also buy sets of essential oils to avoid having to pick and choose which specific oils you want. Those sets cost between $20 and $100.

Other Major Essential Oil Brands

Although Edens Garden is a massive name in the essential oils market, there are also other high-quality brands to choose from. Such brands include Young Living, Aura Cacia, and doTerra, to name a few.

Young Living

Like Edens Garden, Young Living touts 4.0 or more stars on the majority of their oils found on Amazon. When searching reviews of products made by Edens Garden, many reviewers even use Young Living’s products as the benchmark of quality.

As for products offered, Young Living has a similar lineup to Edens Garden. You can find single oils, blends, roll-ons, and kits on Young Living’s website. In contrast, Young Living boasts a broader assortment of essential oil infused products, including the likes of massage oils, toothpaste, dish soap, cough drops, supplements, and more.

The prices of Young Living’s single oils run for around $16 to $62 for 15mL’s of oil on their website. However, they have a small number of exotic oils that run up to $115 for 5mL bottles. Their blends run about $30 to $84 per 15mL bottle. Finally, their roll-ons go from $35 to $65 per 10mL bottle.

One concern about the brand is that Young Living goes above and beyond with their health claims. In fact, they have an entire assortment of “dietary essential oils,” which they recommend adding to foods and drinks. They also suggest applying oil directly to your skin, rather than diluting it. Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful substances, and Edens Garden does a better job than Young Living at outlining the cautions required on their website.

Aura Cacia

One thing that immediately stands out about Aura Cacia is that they have USDA certified organic oils. Aura Cacia also has a culture around helping communities, which is great to see. According to Essential Oil Haven, they aim to be “responsible to people and planet.” In fact, Aura Cacia has their own Positive Change Program, which gives grants to organizations that assist women around the world.

As for their products, the brand’s store has single oils, blends, roll-ons, as well as body care items and mists to choose from. Essential Oil Haven reports that their range of products includes 133 single oils, 61 blends, and 44 body care products. After taking a look at Aura Cacia’s website, it appears their number of offerings have increased as well.

Their oils are very high quality, and if you look at the reviews on their Tranquility blend’s Amazon page, you’ll see buyers love their products. Their single oils run around $10 to $34 per 15mL bottle on their website. The price tag of their blends is around $10 per 15mL bottle, a more affordable price than Edens Garden and Young Living. Their roll-ons are mostly $8 for just 9mL’s, which is again very affordable. Aura Cacia matches up well to Edens Garden concerning ethics as well as price tag and quality.


Like Aura Cacia, doTerra takes part in a host of humanitarian efforts. Some of the efforts on their website include “feminine hygiene education,” “combating sex-trafficking,” and their own Healing Hands Foundation

Like our previously discussed brands, doTerra has single oils, blends, and various personal care products. Also, they have their range of supplements, which again like Young Living, come with the caveat of non-FDA regulated claims of health benefits that come from ingesting their oils.

As for quality, Essential Oil Haven states doTerra takes extra steps to ensure their oils are of high quality through testing and high internal standards. Judging from the love of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars and glowing reviews on the doTERRA Introductory Kit page found on Amazon, buyers have a great love for doTerra’s oils.

Found on their website their single oils run on the more expensive side ranging around $18 to $66 for 5mL’s of oil, with some unique oils close to $100 for 5mL’s. Their blends run approximately $20 to $40, with bottles varying between 5 to 15mL’s. doTerra comes at a higher price, but due to the quality of their product and the love it receives from reviewers, they’re still a great option to choose from.

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Our Verdict

Edens Garden ranks just as high as their competitors when it comes to quality. Their people-first ethics put them close to the likes of Aura Cacia’s humanitarian values. The price point of their oils is pretty standard. Overall, they’re an outstanding brand in the essential oils market. They take great care to provide pure oils, and excellent customer service, which puts them at a high standing. Due to their quality and people-first mentality, they get 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from us.







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