Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to dig your hands into the soil while gardening, or why some of the best naps are at a park or under a tree, or why it feels so good (and is fun!) to dig your feet into the sand at the beach as the tide goes out?  The reason could be that you are “grounding” or “earthing.” 

The science of Earthing was recently presented at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 2017 World Congress. The practice of Earthing is growing quickly and the research on it continues to become more and more exciting.  As simple as it is, Earthing or simply touching the earth for a few minutes or more, can positively benefit your physical, emotional and mental health. 

In studies, Earthing has been shown to improve sleep, increase energy and vitality, reduce pain and inflammation, improve emotional stress, speed healing times, improve circulation and much more.  Board Certified Cardiologist, Certified Bioenergetic Psychotherapist and Nutrition and Anti-aging Specialist Dr. Steven Sinatra, MD, describes Earthing as free healing. 

How Does Earthing Heal and Slow the Aging Process?

The earth maintains a negative electric charge on its surface. The negative charge is created by electrons.  When you come into contact with the earth, your body absorbs the electrons which have a positive impact on you and your health. The electrons act as powerful antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress in your body.  Like other antioxidants, electrons transferred from the earth to you, neutralize free radicals and protect your body from stress, damage and aging. 

Earthing has even been shown to reverse the detrimental effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). As shown below, EMF’s cause our blood to thicken and clump together. Earthing causes our blood to move towards a more normal state, reducing thickness and clumping, thereby improving circulation.

Laboratory Grounding

This study below was presented by the International Academy of Clinical Thermography. It shows the effects of electron transfer technology (ETT), equipment that simulates grounding. An excerpt from the study documents, “the patient reported a 67.5% reduction in pain, a 42.9% reduction in a lack of sleep interfering with daily functioning, a 28.6% reduction in pain interfering with sleep, a 75% reduction in leg achiness/restless legs during sleep, and an 80% reduction in waking stiffness and soreness. Steady, continued improvement was reported by the patient on a one month follow-up. Her infrared images show a significant change with a pronounced improvement in circulation in the left upper extremity and both lower extremities.”


The top row images are of the upper extremities taken as a baseline on 4-11-05 (prior to ETT use). The arrows denote the areas of poor circulation. The temperature of the left hand is so low that the fingers are at the same temperature as the room and cannot be seen (thermal amputation).

The bottom row images were taken on 4-15-05 after 4 nights of sleeping on the ETT sytem. Note the significant improvement in circulation with a return of normal thermal symmetry in both upper extremities.

Where or How to Start? 

You can start by standing, sitting, laying or walking on the earth with some bare skin touching the earth. Great options would be grass, sand, soil, concrete, slate, brick, stone or rock. If you wish to have a barrier between your skin and the earth, you may choose to wear grounded footwear such as shoes with leather soles.  If you want try Earthing indoors, you can stand on concrete or even touch a brick or stone wall. 

When you begin Earthing, see how it makes you feel. You may feel a difference right away. Even after one minute of earthing, your body undergoes many healthful processes. The more time you spend earthing the better.  This video teaches what happens inside your body when you ground after 1 minute, several minutes, several hours and beyond. It’s amazing!:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZs0mnfTlZw.

The beauty of Earthing is that the earth is always available to you. Whenever you are feeling stressed or want to ground yourself for any of the benefits mentioned above, connect with the earth and let it put your body back into a state of balance. 

Fun and Creative Ways of Earthing 

  • 1
    Moving bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and streams are wonderfully healing.  Dig your feet into the sand and let the energetic flow of the current ground you. The currents of water also helps pull toxins out of the body.  
  • 2
    Stand under a waterfall. You’ll feel so alive!
  • 3
    Take a nap in nature.  Many of us can recall some of our most restful naps have been in nature!    
  • 4
    Wear grounding or earthing shoes. These are often made of leather or of conductive nylon. If you wear leather soled shoes, the grounding electrons will pass from the earth through the leather.  Non-leather earthing footwear will have a conductive insert in the sole that allows the electrons of the earth to flow to you. 
  • 5
    Grounding bands and other Earthing products  are becoming popular. There are grounding bands, workstation mats, pads, sheets and throws that, while you use them, will keep you in a grounded state.  They are typically attached to a cord that is plugged into the grounding port of an outlet, or a grounding rod inserted into the earth.  It may take a couple weeks for your body to adapt and notice improvements. I like the idea of  grounding directly from the earth by using a ground rod. Be sure to place the rod in a place that’s at least 6 feet away from any electrical panels or major electrical lines.  

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